Massage Therapy - 
The benefits of massage are quite extensive.  Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, assist with pain management and promote general relaxation.  It can enhance athletic performance, increase joint mobility and cultivate a sense of well being.

Foot Massage (30 min) - $45
Focuses on feet and lower legs

Target Zone (30 min) - $50 (45 min) - $70
Concentrates on back and upper body

Therapeutic Massage (60 min) - $95
Promotes general relaxation and relieves muscle tension

Therapeutic Massage (90 min) - $130
Allows more time to further treat tight areas and provide greater relaxation

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage (90 min) - $140
Relaxes overworked, strained, or traumatized muscles

Reiki -

A hands-on technique increasing relaxation, decreasing stress & promoting healing

Reiki - (60min) - $70

Reiki (15/30 minute add-on to massage)$20/40