Beauty, Peace and Tranquility

A day of beauty, peace and tranquility is what awaits you at Skinsations. 
Jean | Madison, CT

Knowledge and Experience

Tracy’s knowledge and experience as an esthetician gives me the comfort and confidence that I am receiving the best possible services available. 
Julie | Madison, CT

Friendly Team

An appointment at Skinsations is like visiting with your best girlfriends.
Joanne | Guilford, CT

Quality of work

I would only go to Skinsations for my pedicures.  I like the way they file my nails, the long massage and best of all, the polish lasts for over a month! 
Tammy | Branford, CT



I have been to many spas (both local and across the country) searching for the perfect facial; longing for more than just a massage of the face and surface cleaning.  With expert guidance from Lisa, I decided to try a facial and microdermabrasion.  After having these treatments I have glowing, truly clean skin. 
Nancy | Guilford, CT


Of course you notice a huge difference when you look at yourself in a mirror, but it is remarkable when others see the difference. Family members, friends and colleagues reliably state amazement at how young, radiant and bright my skin looks! 
Jeannie | Guilford, CT


Not only is the skincare at Skinsations exceptional, but so are their other spa services.  Manicures look beautiful for over a week, pedicures renew my feet and makeup applications make me long for another special event to attend.
Kathy | Madison, CT


From the moment I walk into Skinsations, the attentive technicians provide incredibly personalized service.  I feel pampered throughout my entire visit.  I leave the warm, welcoming environment feeling less stress, greater happiness and I am ready to take on the world.
Heather | Branford, CT


Manicures, pedicures, facials, massage…I have been coming to Skinsations for all of these services for years.  Every time I go, they do a great job and are perfectionists like me.  Lisa and Tracy, the owners, have become my friends and they are just great women who know what they are doing.  I was so happy when they bought Skinsations – they are very helpful and want me to feel good when I’m here.  They are both very professional and I will always be loyal to them.  Thanks for everything over the years!
Stephanie | Guilford, CT


The professional staff at Skinsations and the warm atmosphere of the salon is why every Friday afternoon you will find me there.  Treat yourself!  I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experiences I have had at Skinsations. The atmosphere makes every visit something I look forward to. All the customers seem be to be happy to be there. The staff is professional and fun to be around. The services are extraordinary. Tracy and Lisa, a job well done.
Jennifer | Madison, CT